Chevrolet Tavera Neo 3 Max -7 STR BS-III


Car Description

The Chevrolet Tavera has been designed keeping comfort and convenience in mind. The Tavera is surely a good looking car and its sleek exterior wins the hearts of many. Chevrolet has introduced in it a rugged passenger cell with crumple zones to withstand high pressure impacts.
A 3-Spoke Steering Wheel lets you maneuver even the toughest roads with ease. It has abundant space for up to 10 passengers and beige tone interior that adds comfort to your rides. The car is more about its lugging capacity. It is the perfect MUV for suburban people.
The all-weather capabilities of the Tavera are enhanced by the rear windshield defogger, as well as integrated fog lamps, making your every drive safe. Front and rear power windows provide added comfort and convenience.  Stainless steel sill plates add a touch of personalization to your vehicle and protect your vehicle from scuffs and scratches.

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